Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent Ladies Sunglass

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Item: Sunglasses
Brand: Yves Saint Laurent
Condition: Brand New
Made in ITALY
Model: YSL6176/S
Other Information
Item Length: 5.5"
Height: 58mm
Gender: Ladies

Yves Saint Laurent is a leader in high luxury fashion and style known for its timeless sophistication and classic styles. The new Yves Saint Laurent collection of sunglasses stands out for the absolute elegance of shapes articulated into a variety of refined, gorgeous colors. Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses are crafted exclusively in Italy. Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses are a complement to any wardrobe.

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the greatest fashion names of the late 20th century. YSL was the first Couture house to launch, in 1966, the modern concept of luxury women's prêt-à-porter, in a collection called « Rive Gauche ». It was followed in 1969 by a « Rive Gauche » men's ready-to-wear line. The YSL Rive Gauche boutiques were soon opened throughout the world, allowing fashion-conscious working individuals to wear the YSL designs. This represented the first step in making luxury labels accessible to a wider public. Today YSL’s collections include women's and men's ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, small leather goods, jewellery, scarves, ties and eyewear. They are designed for both modern women who have a keen sense of freedom and follow their instincts with assurance, captivating others with their elegance, as well as men who prefer a nonconformist look and assert the different facets of their personality in a modern and sensitive way. The brand is also present in the most prestigious multi-brand boutiques and department stores in the world.

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