Monday, April 26, 2010

Haurex Italy Raptor Chronograph Date Watch-Gents-Authenticity Report Available

Showcase Presentation
Retail Price : USD1,100 (Not inc. Tax & Shipping from origin)
Selling Price : RM2,262
(Instalment Available)
Item: Watch
Collection: Raptor
Condition: Brand New
Feature: Dual Time
Functions: Date
Made in ITALY
Model: 9A260UBB
Movement: Quartz
Watch Bracelet
Material: Leather
Color: Black
Max Length: 9.25"
Min Length: 7.0"
Watch Case
Diameter: 46mm
Height: 15mm
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Style: Chronograph
Gender: Gentlemens

Other Info
Comes with Limited Warranty
Comes with Instruction Manual
Comes with Jewelry Appraisal Report/Certificate of Authenticity from Independent Gemological Laboratories, Los Angeles

Haurex in the world, ambassadors of the Italian design
Haurex Italy is an historical company in Bologna that, since its establishment, has had the aim to realize wristwatches with an exclusive design, paying great attention to the details and the materials to guarantee the high quality of the product, which is always in line with the latest fashion trends.
The growing success of Haurex is closely connected to the Italian design, carried on by a young team of designers that pay great attention to the new trends and the details of the product, as in our best design tradition. The care placed in the product gleams also through the packaging, designed by Haurex. Exclusive design, care of details, high quality materials

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