Sunday, April 4, 2010

PLAYBOY PBHO452BLBL Brand New Watch With Genuine Crystals

Showcase Presentation
Retail Price : USD350 (Not inc. Tax & Shipping from US)
Selling Price : RM356
Brand Name : Playboy
Condition : Brand New
Model : PBHO452BLBL
Movement : Quartz
Watch Bracelet
Material : Leather
Color : Blue
Max length : 7.25"
Min length : 5.75"
Watch Case
Diameter : 32 mm
Height : 7 mm
Material : Base Metal
Color : Silver
Material : Enamel
Color : Blue
Gemstone Info
Gemstone : Crystal
Shape : Round
Color : White
Other Info
Gender : Ladies
Comes with Limited Warranty
Comes with Operating Instructions

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