Thursday, April 8, 2010

ROBERTO CAVALLI R7251914035 Made in Italy Brand New Chronograph Date Watch With Simulated Corals, Simulated Faux Pearls and Simulated Turquoises


Showcase Presentation
Retail Price : USD570 (Not inc. of Tax & Shipping from origin)
Selling Price : RM588
Brand Name : Roberto Cavalli
Collection : Macho
Condition : Brand New
Functions : Date
Made in ITALY
Model R7251914035
Movement : Quartz
Watch Bracelet
Material : Leather
Color : Brown
Max length : 8.25"
Min length : 6.5"
Watch Case
Height : 10 mm
Total length : 31mm
Material : Stainless Steel
Color : Silver
Width : 39mm
Water Resistant : 3 atm
Gemstone Info
Gemstone : Simulated Coral
Quantity : May vary
Shape : Beaded
Color : Red
Gemstone Info
Gemstone : Simulated Faux Pearl
Quantity : May vary
Shape : Beaded
Color : White
Gemstone Info
Gemstone : Simulated Turquoise
Quantity : May vary
Shape : Multi-shaped
Color : Light Blue

Simulated Turqoise :[CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8*4H2 O] - has a Feeble, Faintly Waxy Lustre
Other Info
Style : Chronograph
Gender : Ladies
Comes with Instruction Manual

Roberto Cavalli, born in Florence, Italy on November 15, 1940 was raised in modest surroundings. He had rather strong artistic traditions, his mother was a tailor and his grandfather a Florentine impressionist painter, whose works can still be seen at the Uffizi Museum. While a student at the Academy of Art, he invented a process of printing on light-weight leather which he later patented. Cavalli's early printing-house was a cross between a craftsman's workshop and an artist's studio where he concentrated his studies on the links between art, fashion and painting. In 1972, Cavalli showed his first collection in the historic White Room of Palazzo Pitti in Florence. In the 90's Cavalli re-launched his career with the help of his wife, Eva Duringer and ex-Miss Universe. He has become and intricate part of the Italian fashion system by creating lines for the whole family including the home itself. An inspiration to the international jet-set and a great party host, Roberto Cavalli is sometimes taken for granted by stars such as Ornella Muti, Anna Oxa, Nancy Brilli, Jennifer Lopez, Mena Suvari, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Cindy Crawford, Cher, Lenny Kravitz, Bono Vox of U2, Anthony Hopkins and Sting.

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