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Healthy One Dish Cooking

The Only Book That Combines Both healthy and One Dish Cookery.
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Every recipe in this revolutionary new book can be cooked in just one pan, pot or tin to make your life REALLY EASY.
Nothing could be easier to serve than a whole meal in one pot. And with Healthy One-Dish Cooking, you'll discover that one-dish cookery can be healthy too, with great nutritional guidance to keep you on track for weight-loss goals. Every recipe can be cooked in just one pan, pot or tin, to make your life really easy. The delicious recipes range from casseroles, curries, roasts and oven-baked dishes to grills, stir-fries and salads.And each dish is low in fat, high in fruit and veg and has been nutritionally balanced to keep you VERY HEALTHY. This is healthy, home cooking without any hardwork. Sounds good? Just wait till you taste it!
  • 311 fabulous, food-filled pages (284mm x 217mm)
  • Full-colour photographs and illustrations
  • 230 brand-new, easy-to-follow, one-dish recipes
  • Complete nutritional analysis of each health-packed meal Fat and calorie breakdown of every delicious dish Fruit and veg and salt (sodium) content of each goodness-giving recipe.
  • Guidance on how to prepare fruit and vegetables, how to use herbs and spices and more.
Why we love Healthy One-Dish Cooking
The recipes have all been carefully designed to provide maximum nutrition while limiting your saturated fat, cholesterol and salt. What's more, many come packed with vegetables so you can almost fulfill your 'five-a-day' quota in just one meal! Whether you're cooking aMediterranean Roasted Lamb or a wonderfully tasty and healthy Lasagne, you'll be sure to enjoy the superb fuss-free meals in Healthy One-Dish Cooking.

Product: Single Book
Product Type: Hardcover
Colour Photographs and illustrations: 260
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Pages: 320
ISBN Number: 9780276444067
Author: Reader’s Digest
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Publisher: Reader's Digest
Language: English
Published: 2007
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