Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Food Cures Book in Hardcover

Food Cures Breakthrough nutritional prescriptions for everything from colds to cancer!
Bursting with food remedies and foods that can help cure, you can rely less on medication, save money on drugs and doctors’ visits, gain more control over your health and worry less about harmful drug side effects in relation to certain conditions.
Product Description
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Learn how to manage certain common health conditions naturally, safely and deliciously! Food Cures book is a practical and informative guide to help you learn how everyday foods and nutritional supplements can be used to heal, treat and often prevent common conditions.Food Cures is a fantastic reference with lists of the healing foods that are essential to better health, more than 75 delicious healing recipes and more!
•  Help fight heart disease with a weekly serving of salmon 

•  Help lower blood pressure with a small, daily dark chocolate treat and more!
•  Detailed food prescriptions, based on the latest research
•  75 recipes for better health including immune boosting smoothies, healing teas and more!
•  Help for common health problems, including colds and Crohn's disease, hay fever and high cholesterol, memory loss, menopause and more
•  Colour photographs throughout

Product: Single Book
Product Type: Hardcover
Product Dimensions: 260mm x 222mm
Pages: 352
ISBN Number: 9781921569050
Author: Reader’s Digest
Publisher: Reader's Digest
Language: English
Published: 2007
Genre: Cookbooks