Sunday, August 22, 2010


Pre-Ordering from SHOP-IZZY

For most products, merchants all over the world are taking pre-orders. Hence, to ensure you secure your product before it is sold out, we at SHOP-IZZY take a pre-order deposit from you.

When we take a cash deposit from you, that will mean it is a confirmed order unless the item is BADLY allocated by the merchant; in this instance, those who have ordered earlier will take priority over those who have ordered later. You will get to buy the item at the prevailing price at the time of pre-ordering.

For pre-order from a merchant which is based outside Malaysia, all pre-orders pricing will be subject to Exchange Rates or Price changes at the point of pre-order was made. We, however, will notify our customer of this changes prior to confirmation of pre-order.

Our Selling Prices indicated in our posts have already included the Shipping and Tax charges from the origin country of the merchant(s). Thus, upon item(s) arriving in Malaysia, we will only include the Postage or Courier charges to your doorsteps. Subject to where you are located, we will sometimes deliver it to you personally without any charges or otherwise stated.

A 30% deposit is required for all pre-orders. Note that prices/release date/colour variation/design may change at time of release. If we aren't able to fulfill your order due to such circumstances, you will be liable to use your deposit for (i)other items in stock, (ii)it will be kept in our safe-keeping until such time that you want to fulfill your order in future date or (iii)you can always purchase Ready Stock items in our blog. Should you opted for (ii), you will be given an Official Receipt which you may redeemed at any time in future. This receipt will NOT be exhausted at any time in future and you may redeem it multiple of times until the total amount of deposit become nil or zerorised.

As a seller, we will definitely fulfill your order as long as you pay in full of the item(s) within 2 weeks from the time the item(s) arrives and likewise for you as a buyer, you are required to purchase your pre-ordered item(s) when it arrive(s). Hence, a non-refundable and non-exchangeable deposit is required. Note, SHOP-IZZY reserves the right to not fulfill pre-orders if item(s) pre-ordered is not paid in full within 2 weeks from the time the item(s) arrives and your deposit will NOT be refundable.

All deposits shall be directly transferred to SHOP-IZZY's main and registered company's account with Maybank under the name of NA CUBE VENTURES bearing Current Account No. 512222322457 followed by an Email Notification of Pre-Order to or SMS to 012-6370306 . Should you use a Cheque as your method of deposit(s), we will ensure that the cheque has been cleared/realised first prior to taking your pre-order as a confirmed transaction. If you wish to have the pre-order item booked or purchased a.s.a.p., we would advise you to use Direct Transfer method or Cash Deposit to avoid disappointment when item is SOLD OUT.

Pre-orders without deposit shall be cancelled in 2 working days after order date unless notified.

Please do not proceed for Pre-order purchase if you do not agree with our terms. For further clarification, you may always email or SMS to us as per email address and handphone number provided above.