Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mont Blanc Brown Ladies Sunglasses

Product Description
Retail Price : USD475
Selling Price : RM596
Brand Name: Mont Blanc
Made in Italy
Sunglasses MB141S Brown
Width: 48mm
Item Length: 5.5 inch

About The Brand

Mont Blanc is a German manufacturer of writing instruments, watches, and accessories that are all identified by the 6 pointed white star with rounded edges. Mont Blanc was founded by Claus-Johannes Voss, Alfred Nehemias and August Eberstein in 1906. Mont Blanc has become a household name for high-end pens, watches, and other accessories. The products can be found in boutiques worldwide as well as high-end department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, and Neiman Marcus. MontBlanc is now a part of Richemont Group